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We’re bored of classic office tables and white walls that force us to down our fifth coffee to stay awake. At Places we believe that, while work can’t be all play, everyone needs to get out of their standard office from time to time. Be it through event hosting or as an alternative workplace, we offer ways for companies of all sizes to spice up their nine to five.

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Not everyone wants an entire venue for themselves. For smaller teams, we offer the ability to rent a section of our coworking spaces. Contact us below and we'll make it work! 

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Whether you want to host a conference, hackathon or simply want to gather a team and work in an inspiring environment over a few days, Places has options for you. We offer bookable premises with the option of after works, catering and meeting rooms. You can also book sections of our coworking spaces.

Our Places balance great work environments and a community with playfulness and creativity. Why bother getting out of the office if you are not going to change up your environment? 

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"We had a great out of office experience at Places. The set up enabled us to work on our 48h Engagement Hackathon in a productive and innovative environment. If you want a creative experience out of office, Places is for you. Thanks for looking after us!" 

- Fredrik Selander, Nordic Marketing Manager at Quinyx
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We'd love to hear more about your organisation and what your needs are. You can expect to hear from us shortly after contacting us to discuss your ideas.

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